School of International Education Held the Opening Ceremony of the Second Chinese Culture Activities and Chinese Speech Contest

May 18, 2022click:

On the afternoon of May 13th, School of Foreign Studies (School of International Education) held the opening ceremony of the second Chinese Culture Activities and Chinese Speech Contest. Qin Chunhua, Secretary of Party Committee of the SchoolWei He, the DeanLin Na and Zhong Weixuan, the Deputy Deans, judges Wang Yongliang and Yang Zijuan attended the activity.

       The opening ceremony had three items on its agenda: First, Lin Na, the Deputy Dean delivered a speech in which she noted that the successful holding of the first Chinese Culture Activities last year had stimulated the enthusiasm of the international students in learning Chinese. She hoped that international students would continue to participate actively this year. Second, Wei He, the Dean, announced the official opening of the second Chinese Culture Activities. Third, all the leading teachers and international students took a group photo together.



 Then it held a Chinese Speech Contest with the theme of “Telling Chinese stories well and promoting cultural exchange”. During the contest, seven contestants, including Sajjad, Nisita and Saf, took the stage one by one to demonstrate their Chinese proficiency with a confident style, expressing their love for China with passion. After the contest, judge Yang Zijuan commented on the excellent performance of the contestants in the competition and encouraged more international students to actively participate in such activities, which contributed to the atmosphere of the activity. Finally, judge Wang Yongliang announced the results of the Chinese speech contest. 


This activity has created a good atmosphere for international students to learn Chinese, stimulated the enthusiasm and motivation of international students to learn Chinese, and enriched the campus cultural life.(Provided by School of International Education)