• Examination Points in May,2021
    Apr 13, 15:57

    Examination Points in May,20211.广西柳州 柳州城市职业学院(网考) http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=419593432.广西玉林 玉林师​范学院(网考)http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=74439183.广西桂林 广西师范大学(网考) http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=4413461

  • Chinese Test Dates in 2021
    Apr 13, 15:53

    ​Chinese Test Dates in 2021http://www.chinesetest.cn/gonewcontent.do?id=44633821

  • How can I view my test score?
    Apr 13, 16:48

        Two weeks after IBT test, and one month after the paper-based test, you can visit the HSK test service website, www.chinesetest.cn. Input the number of your Admission Ticket and name in the "Score” field on the home page, and then you can view your test score. Please note that the information you input must match that on the Admission Ticket

  • How to register the HSK?
    Apr 13, 16:38

    Online registration process for Chinese tests are showed as follow:1. Log into the website( www.chinesetest.cn)2. Signing up. Please provide necessary personal information including e-mail address, nationality, mother language, birth date and so on.3. Test registration. Please select test center and date, complete your personal information , upload ID photo and finally confirm your registration...

  • The differences between paper-based test and internet-based test (IBT test)
    Apr 13, 16:35

        The only difference between paper-based test and IBT test is: For paper-based test you are answering with 2B pencils and answer sheets, while for IBT test, you are answering with computer, keyboard and mouse.Both of these two kinds of tests require attending and being invigilated at test centers