School of International Education Held a Safety Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control

May 18, 2022click:

School of International Education held the safety conference on epidemic prevention  and control in the Meeting Room 404, Waiyu Building on the afternoon of May 13th, 2022. Lin Na, deputy dean of School of Foreign Studies  (School of International Education),and whole administrative teachers attended the meeting.  The meeting was presided over by Peng Gaoliang.

At the meeting, Peng Gaoliang firstly illustrated the latest notice from the Epidemic Prevention and Control Department of Yizhou District. Then, deputy dean Lin Na gave important instructions to international students on the epidemic  prevention and control:1.Recently,HCU will continue to implement the closed management and all students are not permitted to go out of campus except for urgent and necessary situation. 2.Must wear mask, keep safe distance and do well personal protective methods in public occasions like classroom,library,laboratory,canteen and roads etc. 3.If anyone has to go out due to special and reasonable reasons, he /she must obey the official procedures to do application. After being permitted,when going out or returning back the applicant should take the certificate with the sealing of School of International Education and support the security guards’ confirming works.

This conference will be beneficial to international students to enhance their prevention awareness on epidemic and safety.(Provided by School of International Education)