• International Student Programs
    Apr 8, 15:17

    With a history of over 60 years, HCU has over 14, 000 full-time students studying for both degrees and diplomas. Since its foundation in 1951, HCU has cultivated more than 100,000 talents for a variety of schools, governments and industries, etc.. Over the last 3 years, students have earned over 500 awards in various national and provincial competitions. With programs in economics, law, enginee...

  • Chinese Language & Culture (1-year training)
    May 16, 10:53

    ​Chinese Language & Culture (1-year training)Designed for students who want to learn Chinese language and gain insight into Chinese culture, this program allows students to gain Chinese language proficiency rapidly in addition to a unique and rich experience in Chinese society, customs and colorful culture. With levels ranging from beginner to advanced, students will always find the appropriat...

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