School of International Education Extended 2021 New Year's Greetings to International Students

January 29, 2021click:

    On the afternoon of January 25, 2021, the Vice President of HCU, Qin Yongling, accompanied by Wei He, the Dean of the School of International Education and related teachers, visited and expressed blessings and care to the international students who have to live on campus during the 2021 winter vacation because of COVID-19, and delivered them New Year’s gifts.

    Vice President Qin Yongling visited their dormitories one by one, learned about their study, life and holiday arrangement in detail, and extended New Year greetings to them on behalf of the University, and distributed gifts for them to celebrate 2021 Spring Festival and surgical masks to keep them healthy. At the same time, he advised students to improve the awareness of epidemic prevention, and to pay attention to dormitory hygiene. The students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the leaders and teachers for their concern, and all expressed that they would cherish the opportunity, study hard, and repay the teachers' love.

    During this winter vacation, there are a total of 49 international students staying at campus for 2021 Spring Festival. This activity not only further consolidated the feelings between teachers and students, but also enhanced their awareness about epidemic prevention. We hope that they can personally experience Chinese Spring Festival, having an auspicious and peaceful Spring Festival. (Contributed by School of International Education)