Faculty of School of International Education Visit Dormitory of International Students

January 19, 2021click:

    In order to get familiar with their study, life and ideological situation, and to do a good job in the epidemic prevention, on the afternoon of January 10th, 2021, counselors Peng Gaoliang and Xu Shengfeng visited dormitory of international students.

    Peng Gaoliang and his entourage came to the dormitory of international students. They first checked the infrastructure, environmental sanitation and fire safety of the dormitory, and asked students to do a good job in sanitation and cleaning of the dormitory area and public areas.They also urged international students to pay attention to the dormitory and travel safety during the holidays. The focus is to continue to do a good job of personal epidemic protection, wear face mask when traveling, and cooperate with the school's epidemic prevention and control work, combining of work and leisure. The students immediately took measures to rectify the hygiene and safety issues raised by the teachers.

    During the visit to the dormitory of international students, the teachers and students had a cordial exchange, which not only enhanced the relationship between teachers and students, but also made contribution to strengthening the daily management of international students and creating a civilized, comfortable and safe dormitory environment. (Contributed by School of International Education)