The 18th Sports Meeting of School of Foreign Studies (School of International Education)

November 6, 2020click:

On the morning of October 24th,theopening ceremonyof the 18th Track and Field Sports Meeting was held on the Eastern Athletic Field.

Qin Chunhua, Party Secretary of the School; Wei He, the Dean of the School;Qin Feng and Lin Na, the Deputy Dean of the School attended the opening ceremony as well as teachers and students from respective classes.The opening ceremony was presided over by Han Huan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School.

After the opening ceremony, all events were carried outin an orderly manner.A total of 67 international students participated in at least seven competitions, such as track events:100m, 200m, 400m, 4 * 100m,and field events: shot, high jump, triple jump, etc.

With the guide and care of the leaders and teachers, and the joint efforts of all the students, the athletes worked tirelessly, carried forward the spirit of unity and mutual assistance,and achieved the desired level and style of competition.

On the afternoon of October 25th, the closing ceremonyof the 18th Track and Field Sports Meeting was held on the EasternAthletic Field.In this meeting,international students of School of International Education performed pretty well and achieved gratifying results.As for the single events, there were 25 persons achieved satisfying results; in the team event:4*100m relay, they won the first prize.Among them,students from the class of 2019 Business English major won the spiritual civilization award because of their active participation and large number of winners.

Finally,Qin Chunhua, the PartySecretary of the School, delivered a closing speech. He hoped thatall thestudents would continue their endeavorsand spread thesportsmanship forever.The meeting not only enhanced the students' spirit of fraternity and mutual assistance and self-improvement, but also showed the mental outlook of international students thatthey constantly integrate themselves into Chinese culture, strive hard for improvement.