Experience Guangxi, Approach Hechi: Cultural Exchanges Between Students of Yizhou No.1 Middle School and HCU International Students

November 6, 2023click:

Invited by Yizhou No.1 Middle School, Peng Gaoliang and Qin Lijuan led 13 international students to attend its English Talent Contest“Language in Mind Weapon in Hand ” on the evening of October 26,2023.This is a good opportunity to promote intercultural exchanges and a social practice to strengthen the education of Chinese national conditions for HCU international students.

This event included three parts, English Corner, Talent Show and Experience with Local Food .At the English Corner,teachers and students of Yizhou No.1 Middle School extended a warmly welcome to the international students of our School. Then the Chinese and foreign students exchanged views on Chinese and foreign arts and cultures, campus life and language learning. At the Talent Show,  international students brought an English song“Take Me Home,Country Roads” and performed a traditional Bangladeshi dance “Elegant Hair Floating with Wind”,.and Chinese and foreign students gathered together to enjoy themselves and exchange their talents. After the Show, the event concluded successfully with Local Food Experience Activity held by the host school.

The activity, “Experience Guangxi, Approach Hechi”, helps our international students perceive the real, three-dimensional and colorful Guangxi cultures in practice, enhance dialogues among civilizations and deepen exchanges and mutual learning. (Author: Lijuan Qin, Photographed by: Xinrong Wei, Proofreader: Chengming Meng, Mei Tang, Reviewed by: Na Lin)