Safety Education on 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and China’s National Day

October 9, 2023click:

On the morning of September 28,2023, School of International Education held a  a meeting for international students on safety education regarding 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and China’s National Day Holiday in Room 202, Waiyu Building. The meeting was chaired by Gaoliang Peng .

Gaoliang Peng introduced China's traditional Mid-Autumn Festival to international students based on China's national conditions. Seven requirements was made regarding safety during the hoilday: (1) be sure to keep in touch at any time; (2) watch out for traffic ; (3) pay attention to the safety of electricity use; (4) beware of drowning; (5) not to engage in illegal work; (6) not to participate in illegal activities; (7) take the initiative to learn and take your studies seriously.

Gaoliang Peng also emphasized that when travelling, make sure to respect the local customs, abide by the Chinese laws and regulations, and achieve a civilized, happy and safe travel.

The meeting aims to raise the holiday safety awareness of international students, helping them plan their study and life properly to ensure smooth graduation.(Author: Lijuan Qin, Photographed by: Dongming Nong, Proofreader: Mei Tang, Yan Zhang, Reviewed by: Na Lin,Weixuan Zhong)