School of International Education Held a Meeting on Academic-planning Guidance for Graduating Students

November 14, 2023click:

On the evening of 2 November 2023, School of International Education held a meeting for international students on academic-planning guidance for graduating students in Room 202, Waiyu Building. The meeting was chaired by Gaoliang Peng.

Gaoliang Peng introduced the precautions of HSK4 Test and gave some requirements and suggestions to international students regarding internship, job-seeking and application for graduate school: 1. submit the internship company information to the School for review; 2. be sure to keep in touch during internship; 3. the internship duration must meet the requirement for graduation; 4. take the initiative to learn and take your studies seriously;5. Make sure to inform school in advance when leaving school for other cities.

The meeting aims to help international students plan their study properly and ensure that their internships and graduation are completed on time. (Author: Yuying Zhang, Photographed by: Yuying Zhang, Proofreader: Chengming Meng, Mei Tang, Reviewed by: Na Lin)