The 19th Sports Meeting of School of Foreign Studies (School of International Education) Achieved Complete Success

November 23, 2021click:

On the morning of November 13th, 2021 the opening ceremony of the 19th Track and Field Sports Meeting was held on the Eastern Playground.

Qin Chunhua, Secretary of Party Committee of the School; Wei He, the Dean; Qin Feng and Lin Na, the Deputy Deans ,attended the opening ceremony as well as teachers and students from respective classes.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Han Huan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School. A total of 14 international students participated in the games. Some participated in men's 100-metre race and men's shot-put, and the others participated in men's long jump and men's triple jump. Several of them achieved amazing results.

For example, in the men's 100-metre race, men's long jump and men's shot-put, (al Muhsin (Mo bin), Jamali (Jiang Lang), Riad Nurul (Li Zijie)) won the first place respectively. Among them, 2019 Business English majors won the Spiritual Civilization Award for their active participation in embellishing the camp as well as their tenacious fighting and tireless efforts in the competition.

During the competition, every participant strived for their own and the  collective honor of the class. Higher, faster, and stronger sportsmanship has been shown among the participants at this moment, which amazed us, and the students off the field all cheered for them.

The athletes have always implemented the concept of "life lies in sports", focused on "the joy of sports", demonstrated their youthful vitality and achieved prominent results in the meantime.

On the afternoon of November 14, 2021, the closing ceremony was held on the eastern playground of our campus. Qin Chunhua delivered a closing speech. He said that in this sports meeting, all the faculties and students have given the best account of themselves and shown us the sportsmanship and the international friendship.

He hoped that everyone could bring this spirit into their study and life, and everyone would help each other, unite as one, and cooperate for a win-win situation.

At the same time, Secretary Qin Chunhua also put forward a new desire to the international students, hoping that they will continue to work hard, maintain the spirit in both future work and current study, actively incorporate it into their study and life, and make contributions to the future development of bilateral exchanges and cooperation. Finally, he announced the successful conclusion of the 19th sports meeting. (Provided by School of International Education)