School of International Education Held 2024 Spring Festival Condolence Activity for Foreign Teachers and Students

March 14, 2024click:

Farewell to the last year and welcome to the New Year. Our school held the 2024 Spring Festival condolence activity for foreign teachers and students with best wishes in Happy Bay, Yizhou, on January 13,2024. Wei Liqiu, dean of School of Foreign Studies (School of International Education), and all administrative teachers attended the event.

Carry forward the Chinese tradition and have approach to Chinese Spring Festival. This activity enhanced the cohesion of the team and shortened the distance among teachers and students with a series of group activities---Untie Hands Knot, Write Chinese Character "spring" Together and Move Table Tennis Ball with Chopsticks. Dean Wei Liqiu expressed the hope---by the activity, foreign teachers and students can have a deeper understanding and experience of Chinese traditional culture, and feel the enthusiasm and friendship of the Chinese people especially during the Spring Festival.The activity has been highly praised by foreign teachers and students. They said that the activity made them feel the warmth and joy of the Chinese New Year, and also have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. They expressed their sincere thanks to school for its strong support and care and said that  they would devote themselves to their work and study with more enthusiasm in the New Year.

Out of the campus, this activity will help foreign teachers and students feel the atmosphere of family reunion, joy and harmony during the Chinese Spring Festival, appreciate the essence and connotation of contemporary Chinese culture, further enhance the relationship between teachers and students. It is also a part of the Education for China's National Conditions for international students. (Author: Tang Mei, Photographed by: Monsen, Proofreader: Meng Chengming and Zhangyan, Reviewed by: Lin Na  Zhouxi)