Foreign Teachers and Students of Hechi University Celebrated International Chinese Language Day 2023

April 22, 2023click:

    In response to the call for celebration of the International Chinese Language Day 2023 under the theme of Chinese Language: Facilitating Dialogues across Civilizations, launched by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) and the Chinese Plus, School of International Education of Hechi University organized foreign teachers and students to celebrate the International Chinese Language Day on April 15th and 16th by the cultural filed trip to Liuzhou--Guangxi Cultural Exploration Tour. The theme of this event is Enjoying Colorful Guangxi and Facilitating Dialogues across Civilizations.

    On April 15th, our foreign teachers and students visited Liuzhou Museum, Liuzhou Industrial Museum, Yaobu Ancient Town, and Fengqinggang Night Market. Throughout the millennia of Chinese history, civilization has flourished in abundance.  Liuzhou Museum and Liuzhou Industrial Museum boast rich collections, highlighting local features. In the visit to both museums, they appreciated the cultures of Liuzhou and customs of Guangxi, and learned about the development and evolution of Liuzhous historical culture. After the museum tour, they came to Yaobu Ancient Town and Fengfenggang Night Market, strolling through the ancient town, tasting delicious local food, experiencing the happy life of the Chinese people and understanding the contemporary social life style of Guangxi.

Visiting Liuzhou Museum

Visiting Liuzhou Industrial Museum

    On April 16th, our foreign teachers and students paid a visit to Ma’anshan Park and Longtan Park, where they enjoyed the magnificent scenery of the Dragon City (Longcheng) Liuzhou. They climbed to the top of Ma’anshan Hill, overlooking the panoramic view of Liuzhou. They also enjoyed a leisurely stroll in Longtan Park surrounded by mountains, green pines, and willows, and felt the charm of Guangxi’s natural scenery.

Climbing Ma'anshan Hill

Visiting Longtan Park

    This culturally enriching field trip was conducted with the hope of promoting cultural exchanges between China and other countries and enhancing civilized dialogue by exploring colorful Guangxi and experiencing the diverse culture of Guangxi. (Contributed by the School of International Education, Hechi University)