Delegation from Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Visits Our School for Symposium on Educational Cooperation and Exchange

May 24, 2024click:

On May 8, 2024, a delegation of four members from Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), led by Chen Zhihui, Vice President and Director of the Institute of Smart Industry, visited our school to hold an symposium on international cooperation and exchange. Our school was represented by President Ma Shaojian, CPC Committee member, Vice President Qin Yongling, and relevant officials from the Human Resources Department and School of Foreign Syudies (School of International Education).

On the morning of their visit, Ma Shaojian met with the IUKL delegation in conference room 1508, Shixun Building. Ma Shaojian warmly welcomed Chen Zhihui and his team, appreciating that IUKL enjoys a prestigious reputation in industries such as infrastructure, engineering, and electronic information technology. He hoped that the symposium would lead to cooperation between our school and IUKL in areas such as joint education programs, academic exchanges, teacher training, undergraduate to master's progression, and undergraduate exchange programs.

Subsequently, the internationally educational cooperation and exchange symposium between the two schools took place in conference room 1507, Shixun Building. During the symposium, Qin Yongling, Chen Zhihui, and other leaders respectively provided brief introductions on the respective schools' educational profiles, specialized programs, honors and awards, and current status of international exchanges and educational internationalization efforts. They explored potential cooperation in joint education programs, academic exchanges, teacher training, degree enhancement, and student and faculty exchange programs. Chen Zhihui expressed a desire for both schools to leverage their unique educational features and advantages, strengthen cooperation in areas such as degree enhancement, student and faculty visits, jointly training programs, and collaborative research to achieve mutual benefits and win-win outcomes and to further enhance research capabilities and the level of educational internationalization.

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur is a newly added international partner institution for our school in 2024. Both schools have reached a consensus on international educational cooperation projects, laying a solid foundation for further collaboration. This partnership will provide an international platform for teachers and students from both schools, diversify educational resources, jointly promote academic and research development, and foster cultural exchange and educational cooperation between the two countries.(Author: Qin Lijuan, Translor: Peng Gaoliang; Photographer: Xiao Jia; Proofreader: Tang Mei; Reviewer: Lin Na)